The Administration, Trade, and Solar: What’s at Stake for our Economy

Emily Felt, Zoe Hanes, and John Morrison
presented by:
Emily Felt, Zoe Hanes, and John Morrison
October 12, 2017 at 12:0 PM
The Charlotte City Club

Join the Charlotte Economics Club for a deep-dive into an unusual international trade case that threatens to upend the thriving solar industry in North Carolina. The discussion will include a presentation of the basics of the case that US solar panel manufacturer Suniva has brought to the U.S. International Trade Commission.  Panelists will discuss the economics of solar power, the impact of the proposed increased import duties on panels, and the ripple effect that the Administration’s decision in this case could have on jobs and investment opportunities in the region.

Emily Felt (Director, Duke Energy Corp; panel moderator)

Zoe Gamble Hanes (CEO, Pinegate Renewable Energy)

John Morrison (CEO, Ecoplexus)

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